19 September 2016

At Gartz Oder, Germany

Springtime at Gartz Oder, Germany
There are days in our life that left a deep mark in our hearts. Days of enjoyment, or learning an important lesson, or just a day that you feel you are on your own. This blog is recalling of my in Gartz Oder, Germany. I love to share photos as well as my story when we stayed there.
Pension Am Silberberg

my husband.

the view outside our room at Pension Am Silberberg.

I love this lamp in our room.

It was a working trip of my husband to a neighboring town, I think it was in Schwidt. He took me along also our son. My husband's company booked us in Pension Am Silberberg, a beautiful pension house in Gartz Oder, in the middle of a small and scenic village.
In late afternoon, the town look like a ghost town.


the bus stop.

The neighborhood.

Gartz Oder is a small town in the Uckermark, a district in Brandenburg, Germany. From Gartz Oder is approximately 20 kilometers and you will already in Poland. The border is the Oder River on the West bank, we crossed the bridge with the car and we enter Szczecin (Stettin), Poland.
the narrow winding road to Poland.

in Gartz and saying, hello Poland!

at the back is the bridge that connects Poland and Gartz Oder, Germany.

my husband and my son, we have dinner at Jagerhof, Schwedt. 
Gartz is now a border town. I spend our few days there just walking around the town with my son. In late afternoon, the town looks like a ghost town. There are many pension houses in Gartz because the surrounding towns are industrial. I digged my files and will share photos with you. 


  1. very original bus stop :D for everything else Germany is very clean and organized!


    1. Hahaha! Very sharp eyes of you, Florentina :) Yes, it is very clean and organized there. My next blog will be our visit in Berlin. Another story. Thanks for reading HUgs!