14 August 2018

Nine Latest Flower Photos That I Made Today

Food, faces, and flowers are my most favourite subjects in photography. Just hanging out around in our garden, I made another set of beautiful flower photos that I am excitedly love to share to all of you. So many many flowers you can find here in the Netherlands. Variety of colours, shapes, even of smell. Flowers that even are edible. I hope you will enjoy viewing them and please do not hesitate to post any reaction at the comment box :) 

03 August 2018

My First Indian Restaurant Experience at Sher-E-Punjab in Lelystad

The Naan bread, Chicken Dhansak, and Indian saffron Basmati rice.

Aside from love and relationship, food and travel are also included as the best topics in blogging. We eat not only to satisfy our hunger, but also to enjoy. After paying a not really good meal, it is like we feel the regrets. I have a weekend in Lelystad with my son to attend our annual Regional Convention when I have my first real Indian dinner in a restaurant. A few months ago, my husband cooked chicken Madras for our family that we really enjoyed. 
With my son

Just in front of the Lelystad City Hall, you can see many restaurants. That night, being away from home for a while, I want to have something different. I want to have a meal that is with heart and down to earth. I saw this Indian Restaurant, Sher-E-Punjab. The place opens at 5:00 in the afternoon. We were the first costumer that time. The place is clean, cozy. I chose the table where my son facing the framed famed Taj Mahal, me facing two big canvases of Indian spices and herbs. 

Sher-E-Punjab is the first Indian restaurant in Lelystad. The age-old balance use of herbs and spices in Indian cuisine is a tradition that they continue with great care. Their menus range from Punjab to Madras, a wide selection of meat, fish, grilled, and vegetarian. Menus with a price that is very reasonable. The menus are new to me. They have Tandoori main courses. I was torn choosing between Buttered Chicken and Chicken Dhansak. But I settled on the latter, since I know what is butter all my life but never of Dhansak. I have no regret choosing Chicken Dhansak. It was so incredibly delicious. The taste was subtle, very authentic, and the spices were not so spicy that even my son enjoyed our meal. Chicken Dhansak is blocks of chicken fillet, served with mango, chutney, lentils, and Indian herbs. They also served us four big Naan breads and the Indian saffron Basmati rice was really homey. It was a grand dinner for me and for my son. The staff were friendly and helpful. The next time that we are in Lelystad, I love to be back to Sher-E-Punjab. To feel and to taste again the authentic cooking of India in the Netherlands.

30 July 2018

The Salt Making In Dasol

"As early as 1878, Dasol was not as a municipality as it is now, but was part of San Isidro de Putot municipality which include the present municipalities of Mabini and Burgos." -Wikipedia

The salt beds in Dasol

Dasol is a small town in Western Pangasinan, located on a scenic plateau. In the Philippines, Dasol is a famous town, it produce commercial salts. We traveled in a highway from Iba in the province of Zambales bound to Alaminos, Pangasinan. I already have an idea how the people in Dasol make salt, I have learned about it when I was a third grader. Dasol Bay occupies the entire coastline of Dasol, the town gets its salt water there, fed into large square ponds and water is drawn out through natural evaporation. We stopped for a while when we passed these breathtaking salt beds. I get out of the car with my camera and was giggling when I have made some photos of this place that I have known since childhood. That was almost twilight. The sun setting, the sight was quite, dramatic, the smell was of salt and earth. The next time you sprinkle some salt in your food, maybe you will remember Dasol, the humble home of salt.

29 July 2018

Those Little Things In Life

Those little things I life…

Those little things in life that make us happy.
Those little things in life that subtle, wonderful.
Those little things in life, delicate, seems uncomprehensable.
Those little things in life, that take most the space in my heart.

…a tear
…cute button

salt grain, sugar, rice, cereal.

Petal in the wind, a leaf floating in a clear water.
Twinkiling star, half moon, full moon, the silence of the night.

A smile from a stranger, a bowl of homecooked meal from a neighbor,
Finding an envelope at the doorstep that is not a bill.

A hug from my kid when I feel tired, an adoring wink from my husband.

I am forever grateful for these little things in life.

28 July 2018

Five Reasons Why I Love Reading

Reading expands our brain and gives our creativity a chance to come alive. It also improves our writing skills as well as our vocabulary. It says that nothing is more attractive than intelligence. I even recall a well-use quote during high school: “what is beauty if the brain is empty.” 
Besides writing, reading is also one of my most favorite pastimes. It would be nice too to share some of the reasons why I love reading. I have five on my listing though the reasons are unending.

1. Reading makes me forget about daily routine. Reading transports me away from the mundane minutiae of my day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, life is sometimes monotonous and we have to find ways to make life on the move. Moving. 
2. Reading takes me into places without traveling. When I am reading, I also take time to locate the places through Google. I take time to search for the photos available on internet so I would see it and have the feeling that I am also there. When I read on a book places that I have been visited already, it a bonus for me.
3.    Reading inspires me. Throughout reading, I ponder the beautiful and profound lines or quotes that I find.  There are lines that makes me ask myself: how it can enrich my life? How it can help me with my relationship to people especially to those I love?
4.    Reading helps me to understand things. The more we read, the more we understand not only situation, but most of all, reading can help us to understand people. Reading can help us to understand feelings.

5.    I love reading because it is cheap… and because reading is versatile.

07 April 2018

My First Taste Ever Of The Dutch Haring

My first haring courtesy of my husband. In a tosti with old cheese. They all took my worries away!
I remember one time, one of my friends in our congregation told me, "your husband said that you love seafoods." Yes, I am. I love fish, I love shrimp, crabs, and the inky squid adobo is a real treat for me. But haring or herring is something new to me. We live in Vlaardingen, the old and historical town in North Holland and is famous as the haring capital of the Netherlands. I migrated in the Netherlands after our wedding in the Philippines, so I live here for 5 years now. Only after five years that I have tried out this interesting fish, the haring. My husband bought it in the supermarket, ready to eat, in a jar, raw but deliciously sour. In the Philippines, we have kinilaw (fermented) na dilis which my parents enjoy. In the Netherlands, it is like kinilaw na haring. In the Philippines, we use vinegar and lemon to make kinilaw, in the Netherlands, they use pickles.
My very Dutch mother in law enjoying a fresh haring.

The herring (Clupea harengus) is a ray-finned fish from the northern hemisphere. It has long been a popular consumption fish, which is heavily fished. The history of the herring is therefore one that is intertwined with overfishing and government measures to prevent this.

Herrings were among the most important fish in the fishing industry for centuries. Probably the heyday of Dutch herring fishing in the first half of the 17th century. The herring was caught mainly in the North Sea, where they were chased and salted at sea. In, among others, the former Zuiderzee and off the coast, herrings were also caught that were intended for fresh sales.
Fermented in pickles.

Overfishing was already going on in the 17th century, when regulatory measures were already taken. In the twentieth century, the herring stock declined so strongly in various places that the government decided on a six-year ban on fishing (1977-1983). Due to strict European catch limits, which still apply today, the haring has been able to recover and nowadays thrives again relatively well.

About 90% of the caught herring is processed into fishmeal in Denmark and Norway.

Like tuna, haring is a fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Perhaps, while you are reading this, you are thinking to add haring now in your bucket list.

24 January 2018

Philippine Holiday 2018: Manila, A City That Never Sleeps

After an àlmost 14 hour flight, I with my family arrived in the Philippines last Saturday, 10:15 in the morning. From Amsterdam, we have only a thirty minute stop over in Hongkong. From the coldest days back home, we are now enjoying the tropical weather. We first stayed in Manila for two days and two nights, have the chance to see a very good friend of mine, as well as my former boss in Citibank years ago, before me and my husband met. We stayed in Princeton Residences in Quezon City, a condominium with two bedrooms, a living room, toilet, and bathroom. At the 7th floor, there is a not so big swimming pool that all guests must pay 150 pesos each. We stayed at the 23 floor. From our room window, I admire the view. The view of Manila on daytime, as well as the Manila on night-time. The lights, the glitters. I have some photos that I want to share. Photos of Manila. Manila, a city that never sleeps.