07 April 2018

My First Taste Ever Of The Dutch Haring

My first haring courtesy of my husband. In a tosti with old cheese. They all took my worries away!
I remember one time, one of my friends in our congregation told me, "your husband said that you love seafoods." Yes, I am. I love fish, I love shrimp, crabs, and the inky squid adobo is a real treat for me. But haring or herring is something new to me. We live in Vlaardingen, the old and historical town in North Holland and is famous as the haring capital of the Netherlands. I migrated in the Netherlands after our wedding in the Philippines, so I live here for 5 years now. Only after five years that I have tried out this interesting fish, the haring. My husband bought it in the supermarket, ready to eat, in a jar, raw but deliciously sour. In the Philippines, we have kinilaw (fermented) na dilis which my parents enjoy. In the Netherlands, it is like kinilaw na haring. In the Philippines, we use vinegar and lemon to make kinilaw, in the Netherlands, they use pickles.
My very Dutch mother in law enjoying a fresh haring.

The herring (Clupea harengus) is a ray-finned fish from the northern hemisphere. It has long been a popular consumption fish, which is heavily fished. The history of the herring is therefore one that is intertwined with overfishing and government measures to prevent this.

Herrings were among the most important fish in the fishing industry for centuries. Probably the heyday of Dutch herring fishing in the first half of the 17th century. The herring was caught mainly in the North Sea, where they were chased and salted at sea. In, among others, the former Zuiderzee and off the coast, herrings were also caught that were intended for fresh sales.
Fermented in pickles.

Overfishing was already going on in the 17th century, when regulatory measures were already taken. In the twentieth century, the herring stock declined so strongly in various places that the government decided on a six-year ban on fishing (1977-1983). Due to strict European catch limits, which still apply today, the haring has been able to recover and nowadays thrives again relatively well.

About 90% of the caught herring is processed into fishmeal in Denmark and Norway.

Like tuna, haring is a fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Perhaps, while you are reading this, you are thinking to add haring now in your bucket list.

24 January 2018

Philippine Holiday 2018: Manila, A City That Never Sleeps

After an àlmost 14 hour flight, I with my family arrived in the Philippines last Saturday, 10:15 in the morning. From Amsterdam, we have only a thirty minute stop over in Hongkong. From the coldest days back home, we are now enjoying the tropical weather. We first stayed in Manila for two days and two nights, have the chance to see a very good friend of mine, as well as my former boss in Citibank years ago, before me and my husband met. We stayed in Princeton Residences in Quezon City, a condominium with two bedrooms, a living room, toilet, and bathroom. At the 7th floor, there is a not so big swimming pool that all guests must pay 150 pesos each. We stayed at the 23 floor. From our room window, I admire the view. The view of Manila on daytime, as well as the Manila on night-time. The lights, the glitters. I have some photos that I want to share. Photos of Manila. Manila, a city that never sleeps.

10 January 2018

A Beautiful Vacation At Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze

One moment in time.
A group outing or just a family vacation... in a holiday park. Before 2017 ended, me and my family have a week vacation at Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze.

Me at the entry gate of the vakantiepark

The welcoming reception hall of the vakantiepark

After I enjoyed our vacation in a Vakantiepark Hoenderloo, this time, at Eigen Wijze, the holiday experience was worth remembering.
Our bedroom up in the attic


Even the roofs are scenic

sheeps facing my camera :)
The cabins are uniform. From small family cabins to a group accommodations, everyone can enjoy the beautiful space, the serenity close to nature, and the round lake that you can watch while enjoying your cup of coffee.
A beautiful sight to hang around 

many kinds of mushrooms that I found

My Dutch family
The barns of this former farm have been converted into cozy group rooms with their own toilets, terrace, dining tables, cozy seats and kitchen. I love our bedroom at the small attic. They also provide canoe so you can glide at the lake whenever you want.

Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze lies between National Park De Weerribben - Wieden, very close to Giethoorn. Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze is also a comfortable place to stay where you can easily visit the real former Zuiderzee villages, such as Lemmer, Blokzijl and Urk by car. I want to share again some beautiful photos that I made at Eigen Wijze.

you can visit their website via this link: www.vakantieparkeigenwijze.nl

03 January 2018

Tips For A 2018 Healthy Lifestyle

I don't have a New Year's resolution. I am happy to face another year of my life with my loved ones. The chance to change for betterment is a day to day chance, as well as a day to day challenge. To change and to become a better person for the sake of a tradition is for me shallow. The effect can be only short term, and perhaps not intended to touch lives. I have my lists on how we can make ourselves a better person, not just for ourselves but also for others.

1. Turn off your phone... A bit more. Why? So you have time to look the people you love in the eye.
2. Be more polite. Let us check our manners. Good manners can take you to the place where you have never been. Whether it is a simple please and thank you, you can brighten someone's day. Don't also forget to be polite to the text messages that must be acknowledged.
3. Be more organized. Be it cleaning your shoes, unclogging your bag, or being on time.
4. Minimize your shopping/material goods.
5. Take time to walk, because walking prolongs life.
6. Frown less. Smile more.
7. Have more self control. Have the courage to say no.
8. Do something nice to others. It is worth remembering there is a whole world too.
9. Get more quality sleep. With glowing lights and beeping alerts with these all sorts of gadgets, we should be gunning for at least eight hours of sleep at night.
10. Stop procrastinating.

13 December 2017

Our Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary; Celebrate With Me!

If there are many beautiful love stories in the world, the love story of me and my husband is my most favorite! Hahaha! I never expected and it was not in the plan that I am going to meet a guy through the internet, to fall in love, and to get married.

Our love story is now a history. 
After our 12-12-12 wedding in

the Philippines, he took me to the Netherlands, in his home
Thai Chicken Soup

where is also now my home. We were blessed to have a son, he is now four years old. I still love to recall how we met, how things fall into the right places between us throughout our marriage. And we both glad to celebrate our fifth year of our marriage. Yesterday, we celebrated it by just having a simple dinner together with our son at Delta Hotel Vlaardingen. Our celebration is just quiet, simple. The Delta Hotel is a fifteen minutes drive from our home. The night was freezing, but the ambiance as well as the food were very warming.
At the lobby of Delta Hotel
The staff and crew of Delta Hotel reserved us a table with a great view. From where we were sitting, we watched the passing of the cargo ships in Waterweg, the continuation of the big Europort. I love to share with all my readers, this one of the special days of my life. One that I love to celebrate every year until forever.

05 December 2017

The Beautiful Dutch Winter On My Mind

This picture of a foggy morning reminds me of certain book cover. At the Oud Haven

It feels really good to be back... To sit for a while and to write. I have some special things on my mind that I want to jot down, but free time sometimes elusive now that my son is already in the basis school and has five days a week schooling. 
The delicious erwtensoep (pea soup) by my husband

It is a relaxing time for me to compose what I feel. It is December already. The Dutch weather is very unpredictable, but everybody is already on with their winter gear, the temperature gets low that I wish I can stuck warm in bed forever. And perhaps next week will be snowing. My son always tells me now about snow.

What makes the Dutch winter special? Maybe because I came from a tropical country, that is why the four seasons always mesmerizing. The beautiful sights of Dutch winter always attract me and holding interest as if by a charm. The peak season for tourist in the Netherlands is during summer. The statistics show that tourist numbers are lowest in winter. Popular tourist areas and attractions are less crowded. It gets dark early, most people find it cozy, some find it boredom. Trees are now bare, their time to rest until next spring. I also come to love the Dutch erwtensoep (pea soup), the famous winter soup in the Netherlands that my husband deliciously cooks. There are more to see in the coming days of the Dutch winter. It only just began. I have some photos that I want to share... No snow yet... But it is officially winter! 

25 November 2017

A New MacBook To Fuel My Blogging Life

From my love for my love of writing: a new MacBook
As I am writing this, I feel like it is a turning point in my blogging life. The time that I was about to stop writing, that is the time that  got a very special present from my husband, a new MacBook Air. I was not expecting it. I did not expect it. I blog to my heart's content. I write whatever my heart pleases because for me, writing is my form of release and relief. I have readers around the world, and I am grateful to Google for placing ads in my blog. I feel a sense of accomplishment even for just a little personal earnings from there, because inactivity is worse than failure. I am a full time mom, a full time housewife. Spending some of my free time in writing a blog is a mind enhancement. My husband is very supportive in each of my endeavors. He is happy to see that I am enjoying life. I am happy, I feel so blessed. With my new MacBook, I promised to myself that my blogging life continues... With more colors and meaning.