24 March 2017

A Filipina To Dutch's Journey

It feels good to be back and to write again. The weather in the Netherlands gets warmer, the flowers start to bloom and say "spring again!"
My husband has day off today, and we started to clean our garden to prepare for another beautiful summer at home. As what I posted yesterday on my page, I will share the exciting day I have had yesterday. Can you guess what it is? Well, yesterday I got my Dutch passport! It took only five days to process my application.
Maybe some of you might think or might ask: how to apply for a Dutch passport? Before I got my Dutch passport, I first took the Dutch Naturalization Exams. One must have a complete legalized documents,  living in the Netherlands for three years, has taken the Dutch Language Course with the IND's accredited schools, then passed the five parts Dutch Naturalization Exams. After I passed all the exams, I received a diploma. From there, I started the process for the naturalization. It takes up to one year for the processing. It takes a lot of time, money, and patience. I filed for the Naturalization in our City Hall, the City Hall forwarded it to the IND. Upon approval, the IND sent the letter of approval to our City Hall, and the City Hall invited me for the Naturalization Ceremony. It was only after the ceremony that I became a legalized Dutch and I can already apply for a Dutch passport.
When I applied for a Dutch passport, the City Hall took back my residence permit, I do not need it anymore. My Dutch passport indicates that I have a two nationalities. I am still a Filipino and a Dutch at the same time. After the long and intensive naturalization process, applying for a Dutch passport is already easy. My identity is already stored in the Dutch government's database. I was so excited yesterday, the time for me to pick up my passport. Finally! The payment for a Dutch passport is 68 euros. Now, I am glad that I finished all the procedure. With my Dutch passport, I wish to see the New York city with my family in the future. 

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