17 March 2017

Lijnbaan And Touwbaan In Vlaardingen, Survived The Test Of Time

The photos I am sharing today are photos I made in Lijnbaan and Touwbaan. These old structures rouse interest to those who are visiting our old city. These structures were dated back in 1611. The building of Touwbaan started  April 23, 1611. Yes, that old! These buildings were used as an ancient factory. From 1611 onwards, the ownership was passed from one to another. These buildings survived wars, survived the test of time. Nowadays, it became one of the attractions in our city. There is a sports school nearby, there is a quaint cafe-restaurant in between the other old buildings. During summer, there are tables and chairs scattered outside of the cafe, a cosy and relaxing place to sit, have a drink, and soak in the sun. As I am writing this, I realized that there are beautiful spots just within our reach. All we need is to unravel it. 


  1. Long ropes were made there for the fishing industry.
    Maggy have U ever tast a haring in this haring city?

    1. Hi Jan! Goede morgen. No, because I do not like to it raw fish, but I love kibbeling. Have a nice weekend! Thanks for the time to read my blog.