26 April 2017

Exploring Rotterdam

at Rotterdam Central
It was Monday. It was a great time with my son. Just walking around the city with all its diverse culture and nationalities. Just walking, not thinking of anything, not busy in making photos, yet I am glad that I have made this one for my blog. Me and my son just walk and I feel too the enjoyment just letting my son mesmerize with everything he see. We always go in Rotterdam with my husband in our car. It was my first time to took my son alone to this big city. We went by the bus, we went back home by the tram, and my son was so happy for the experience. We were already sitting at Poh Vietnamese Restaurant to eat but then I changed my mind. I do not like to eat there just like that... Without my beloved husband. We took the tram just infront of the restaurant, and we headed home. My son was questioning me why we left the restaurant without eating, I just told him: mama loves the coffee at home. 

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