28 May 2017

Today At My Mother In Law's Home

I have a quote that was also included in the publication of the book Kaleidoscope by Ana Monnar. I wrote: "Mother in law is an ally, not an enemy." In this world where there is a friction between a wife and the mother in law, it is a blessing to have a mother in law that always by your side. I have a strong attachment with my mother in law. Now that I am half of the world away from my biological mother, I feel blessed that my mother in law loves me just the same despite of some differences in our life. Today, me with my husband and son went to visit here. After our coffee, I offered her that I want to walk with her dog. I also took my son to walk with me and Rakker (the dog). It was a great walk in the woods. The scenery is a sight of the promising Dutch summer. My son was so eager to walk farther. We crossed a wooden bridge and it reminds me of those bridges that I have seen in the movies. It feels good to be that close to nature. But most of all, I enjoyed making flower photos at the garden of my mother in law. It is my pleasure to share them with you.


  1. It's a harmony. Keep in touch with people and nature. Keep always green! Both of them freshed our hearts