21 June 2017

When in doubt...

There is no fear, there is no doubt, for those who anchor theirselves to the beauty of life. -Maggy

When in doubt... Doubt means uncertainty, doubt, reservation. Have you ever felt that you are in doubt? To something, such as your existence, the meaning of your life, or with your feelings. That is why, there is a phrase that says: "love without reservation." To love with all our hearts. Sky is the limit! Hahaha! I have written a few weeks ago about sadness. That even the happiest people in the world feel sad too. Now, my heart whispers to write something about doubt, about uncertainty. I know mostly can relate. What are some few simple things we can do to help us clear our minds, put off those uncertainties, and come back again to our senses? I took note some and I hope it can help you too.

1. When in doubt, zoom out to the big picture. Sometimes, it is the doubt that makes us feel so little, so small. Sometimes, it is the doubt that lets us to people makes us inferior. Zoom out, try to see life in a larger picture. Don't let doubt paralyzed you to move, explore, and grow.

2. When in doubt, tell yourself that it is okay to be an imperfect. In this imperfect world where imperfect people expect perfection, it invariably comes from ourselves the anchor to make a stable and decisive decision. Decide and just be aware of the results and even for the consequence.

3. Focus on the good in your life, reflect your past accomplishments, talk about it with your spouse or with someone whom you trusted. Sometimes, all the good things happened in our life in the past get vanish once doubt starting to shape in our minds. It can deteriorate our way of thinking and how we view the future. A good talk with someone can help.

4. It says that you are not guaranteed a "good" outcome, but there is a treasure even in a "bad" outcome if you know how to look. Yes, any bad outcome can be a life's learning experience. We can walk through them, and even how hard the hit was of that bad outcome, life continues and we should deal with it wisely this time.

5. The Bible and prayer. If you would ask me, I would say that, for countless times, I have proven it that a single Bible verse can lighten up my thoughts, and a prayerful attitude can turn the doubt into a secured feeling. When I am in doubt, I found what the Philippians 4:6, 7 very comforting, so reassuring. As I am writing this blog, I have the sense of contentment in my heart. 

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