04 September 2017

The Food Truck Festival In Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

The center stage for performer (me and my son)
The atmosphere was cozy, chilly, and I was torn between summer and fall. The place was at the beautiful and ever scenic Oranje Park, in Vlaardingen.
my souvenir glass from Toost
The good looking festival from afar
From our congregational meeting, Sunday morning, me and my son have a short walk going there to meet my husband, the father of my child. To consume, to enjoy. The event is something unique, family friendly, a Food Truck Festival.

The beautiful Thai food truck (that is my husband)

We chooseThai.

A cozy lunch with my family

My delicious Thai green curry

The festival was held from 1 until 3 of September. The trucks that I have noted are: Piepers and Rund, Bommelbeef, Lekker Hotel Mama, Early Coffee, Crepes BuBu, Logical Food, Butterflies, Foodtruck King, Spoons & Buns and Pasta Penne. We choose to eat something Asian, we took our table and sit in front of the Thai truck. My husband has the delicious red curry, and I have a green curry that I also shared with my son. We got a drink from the Toost truck, I brought home the glass as a souvenir for 1 euro.
Decoration at the pasta penne truck

the Lekker Hotel Mama truck

I am torn between summer and fall. 

There was also a truck that appears like a living room, this truck was the one that provides music for the audience. The festival was indeed worth seeing. I am looking forward to the next year's summer, to get fascinated again with these unique and artful food trucks.

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