08 September 2017

My life in photos... Another winning photo!

It is genuinely true that life is worth living when we have something to look forward to.
And I am over and over grateful that I feel so blessed in life, there is always something in life that excites me. I am welcoming the weekend by sharing a piece of good news to all my followers around the world. I joined another photography competition in our city, Vlaardingen, and my entry is one of the six nominees for the three grand winners tomorrow, as Vlaardingen, a historical city in the Netherlands will officially open the annual festival Open Monumenten Dag. The photography competition has the theme: boeren, burgers, buitenlui. In English: farmers, citizen, outdoor life. Yesterday, I received an email from one of the organizers, informing me that my photo was nominated for the grand winners. The event will be held at the historical site Touwbaan (also featured on my blog). I never expected that in my life I am going to love photography. I have grown up in a simple family background, where a camera is not a necessity but a luxury. Today, the camera that my husband gave me is my toy, I am now a hobbyist. If you will ask me what is my secret in making beautiful photos? There is no secret. It is just that whatever I am doing, I do it with all my heart. And I have just enough edited in a photo, not too much. Because I feel, a photo with too much edit is like a woman with too much make up! See you all again tomorrow! Have a nice weekend!

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