09 September 2017

The Open Monumenten Dag Photo Competition

"I have this feeling that I need to gather more confidence to afloat  with this beautiful photography world."
Today was a beautiful day. It was rainy, but the rain seems cooperates because it stopped for a while, and it gave way to the awarding of the Open Monumenten Dag Photo Competition where my photo landed among the top six.
my photography landed at the top 6
It was not bad, I am still on learning and obtaining more experience in photography. There were many great photos. The covered with a roof Touwbaan serves as the photo gallery, at the same time a small market with some stalls and vendors were also present and presented their products.
the gallery

Announcement of the winners.

With one of the organizers, Mr. J. Ditiecher
I took some photos, few with myself using my iPhone. I also made some photos using my Canon digita. It is odd, because I have this shy feeling to use my digital camera when I am with other photographers.
The historical Touwbaan

with my mother in law and sister in law
It is like, I still cannot believe it that I can make photos, really beautiful photos, and winning photos. I think, I need to gather more confidence to afloat with this beautiful photography world! 

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