15 September 2017

Vacation Time: Flevoland

They are as beautiful as they appear on internet
From the information I gathered from the internet, this village in the province of Flevoland, the Netherlands, is one of the so-called green villages in this province. It is a part of Noodroostpolder, and lies approximately 7 km north of Emmeloord. This is the small village where me and my family are staying for a week vacation, to forget for a while the busyness of life at home. As I am writing this, I can hear the splash of the water in the lake, children playing in the afterglow. Our bedroom is at the top of the pointed roof cabin, these beautiful cabins surround the round lake. The view this afternoon when we arrived was serene, thought provoking. On the way here, we passed first the Schipol, one of the largest airport in Europe. When I saw an airplane that's taking off, I suddenly feel the longing to have a flight again back home in the Philippines, but that will be in January. 
They are real.
On a passenger's seat, I was at the right place, at the right time to capture a rare cloud formation. From passing the city view, it became the fantastic countryside. When we're approaching the Flevoland, the windmills that lane up in the highway seems the sight of a beautiful dancing flamingo. Highway, windmills, and the wide open sea. The view was breathtaking, and  I wish it would never end. 


  1. The little cabins around the lake are gorgeous. It looks peaceful. A perfect place to let your mind wander wherever it wants to go. Lovely Maggie!

    1. Thank you, Gracey! The place looks like in a book! So beautiful and peaceful!