16 September 2016

A Heartfelt Note From A Personal Blogger

I am thankful to all my blog readers. 
Can I ask you something? What do you feel when someone is writing her or his day to day life and letting the world to read it? Do you feel it is inappropriate? Or very straight? Or you do not care at all? I made this blog account years ago, I was still single, and still live in The Philippines. This site is empty, dull, almost deserted. Until one time, I have read a nice blog, a sort of feelings like mine. I want to write, I want to talk to people I know or unknown through my writing. I want to keep my blog site alive, I want this site helps people and even me to get inspired.

So that's it! My blog is running now with a life blood. Adsense approved my application to place ads. My stories are now being read around the world. I found this as my outlet of release and reliëf.

My blog title sounds sugar coated but it is not. I am a very genuine person, affectionate and with passions. My blog description is about the day to day life of a plain housewife because that is me now. I am glad that I have some hobbies that help me feel still valid, not invalid.
my son with me at the doctor's clinic.

a simple treat for Burt.

our walk going home.
So, are you willing to listen to what about and the whereabouts of mine today? Life gets monotonous once you become a mother. You begin your day with the same routine, you end up your day with the same routine. But people called it a labor of love. You cannot complain because you love what you do and you love very much these people who are becoming a part of you.

I start my day once my husband is already awake. While he is in the shower, I prepare his very light breakfast, a piece of brown bread with peanut butter and a glass of water. I also prepare his lunch, cheese sandwich. Then my son  follows. I make his bread, give him a glass of milk, and he loves to go in the shower early... Prepare him to school, bring him to school, and that is the start of our active day. The compliment is: when my son smiles. I am glad that he is a happy child.

Blogging for me is a way just to be myself. When I like to relax, I sit, and type words, and it goes on and on. One thing that I learned from my Journalism course is: to become an effective writer, write to express not to impress.

Before I end up, what makes today special is that I treat again my son an ice cream in the city and he enjoyed the bus ride going to my doctor. I am thankful to those people that are spending their most precious time to read my blog. For some people, writing or blogging is shallow, but for me, blogging is a good relief not to feel sorrow. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Maggy, I like your blog and I enjoy reading it. Some of the subjects interest me a lot and some not at all, but that is to be expected. I especially like your stories when you are travel to somewhere new. I think you should continue to write. It is of benefit to you, so it really doesn't matter who reads. But I think you have a wide audience.

    1. Thank you very much, kuya Russell. I glad you are enjoying my blog. I know which subjects that are not your interest but thank you for sticking around. When I read comments like this, so many subjects that are forming in my head! Hahaha! Have a nice weekend!

    2. Kuya Russell, I have readers in Mozambique 😊