20 September 2016


an experience to visit Berlin.
I never thought that my married life will include regular travels and vacations. My husband is a Dutchman and Dutch people has many vacations the whole year round. And for this week, we will spend our weekend in Hoenderloo. I am saving this for my blog this weekend. We were in Hoenderloo on summer last year, and now we are going to Hoenderloo to say "goodbye summer for now." Autumn is almost here.

Yesterday, I wrote about Gartz Oder in Germany. Now, I like to write about Berlin. Because from Gartz, we visited Berlin before we headed back home. The distance from Gartz to Berlin is nearly 145 kilometers, an hour and a half travel by car. We did not stay there overnight, we just spend a day for sight seeing.
approaching Berlin on a stormy day.

travel buddies when our son was still a baby :)

family picture in Berlin

reaching Berlin without combing my hair for two days hahaha!

It was a stormy day when we left Gartz, thankful that when we arrived in Berlin, it was dry although very cold and windy. My husband drives the car around Berlin for me to see interesting places or building. I noticed that there are so many taxis in Berlin, and those taxis are all Mercedes Benz! Bumper to bumper!

We stopped when we want to make some photos, then go again. My husband who was not feeling well that day, most of the times just stayed in the car with our son and I go around alone, making photos but not many photos.

one of the places to see in Berlin.

If Gartz is a quiet place and like a ghost town, Berlin is crowded and a very busy city. I have seen Berlin many times on National Geographic Tv, how this city became Hitler's city back then. I read about the fall of the Berlin Wall. I saw some movies that the location is in Berlin. It is a different feeling to see Berlin myself.

the double decker city tour bus.

it is now of my my best family memories.
I want to go back to Berlin. I like to make more nice photos of Berlin and to visit some museums. Berlin has a very tragic past, but it is not getting up, but you can still see things that are remnants of the holocaust. When I saw them, I have felt that Berlin is not yet done of recuperating.

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