15 September 2016

I Remember The Autumn Beauty In Veluwe

The ABK Huis, where we stayed.
 So, I'm back! I have enough energy today to post two blogs. Hahahaha! I posted this morning on my Google+ page one of the photos I made in Veluwe, a beautiful autumn photo. A single photo that ignites my memory, now recalling and writing about our family holiday at the Veluwe.
bike lane sign post

with my beloved Baases :) my father in law, my husband, and my son.

autumn leaves scattered everywhere.

Actually, that was not a long holiday. It was only a weekend at the Veluwe and a weekend treat of my in laws. They rented a big vacation house for the whole family. A big wooden house in the middle of the forest, and because it was autumn, I walked at the layers of the beautiful and crispy autumn leaves.

The Netherlands has many vacation places, be it in the forest, in the countryside, or at the seaside. Whichever you like to go, one thing is sure, you will definitely enjoy the tranquility and the view. I have been to many places here in The Netherlands and I would say that every place is unique, every place has something to offer, and you will see something new to every destination.
morning walk in the woods.

my baby bear

i love this!

The Veluwe is in the province of Gelderland, the sound of the name is like in a fairy tale, like Neverland. Hahahah! The Veluwe is forest-rich ridge, with woodland, and some small lakes. We went there during autumn and I was not disappointed with what I have seen. Our morning or afternoon walks in the woods were invigorating. My son was just crawling when we went there also enjoyed our stay.
we found many mushrooms in the area.

me :)

the rich autumn colors.

We stayed in ABK Huis. The house and the surrounding is exactly the same of some of the places that I have read in the book or seen in the movies. Vacation is a part of the Dutch culture. The whole year round, Dutch people take vacation. That is why, there are many vacation park and hotels in The Netherlands. Aside from the many tourists that are coming in to see this beautiful country, most Dutch people are also a good and regular clients of Dutch hotels and vacation parks.
our small dining area.

my son take a bath every morning.

i miss playing :) The receptionist heard and he said, it is a beautiful music! Hahaha They are songs from our songbook.

I want to share again with you some of the photos that I made in the Veluwe. See the beautiful autumn colors and feel the serenity of the country life.

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