12 September 2016

The Excellent Health And Medical Services In The Netherlands

At the hospital this morning.
Today is Monday. A beautiful day to start a week, and to write again. The weekend was good, even better with my family. This morning, I took my preschooler to school, my husband flies to Poland for a work trip there, I took the train going to the hospital.

Since I was in the hospital this morning, I want to write about the health services here in The Netherlands. I am not comparing but I would say that the health services here are very different from the health services in The Philippines.
A Dutch breakfast this morning, at the hospital.

On January 2013, I arrived in The Netherlands as an immigrant, after our wedding in The Philippines, our never to forget 12-12-12 wedding. My husband applied right away for my insurance. From then onwards, I benefit very much my Dutch insurance.

When we got the approval, I have my insurance card that's accepted worldwide, as is or for reimbursement. My husband is paying our insurance that covers not only on medical services, but also on dental services, as well as my physical therapist. When I got pregnant, the insurance also pay all my hospitalization fees.
The first time that I was admitted in the hospital, here in The Netherlands.

with my husband.

insurance policy includes dental check up, twice a year.

The health and medical services here in the Netherlands is, I think, excellent.  The Netherlands is a small country, but is included among the top three countries with excellent health and medical services. Last year, the Netherlands took again the place, for five consecutive years already.
Photo credit to wikipedia.
I am thankful for always giving me the best medical treatment whenever I needed it.

Most of the hospitals in The Netherlands are private, but not in profit. The system is very organized. You can just go to the hospital if it is for emergency cases or with a referral from your doctor. Everything is by appointment. To stay at any of the hospitals in the Netherlands is like you're check-in to a five star hotel. The cleanliness, the services, and the food they serve. I remember, when I was admitted, there is a menu card where I can choose the meal that I like. One more thing that I like is that, our drug store delivers our medicine at home.
The lobby of Vlietland Hospital, our hospital. My sister commented: is that a hospital? It look like a hotel! Hahaha!

I am very familiar of this place now.

Just in case you are not satisfied with the insurance company that you have chosen, after one year, you can change for another one. The lifestyle and the cost of living in The Netherlands is high, in a good quality but everything cost money. As years go by that I live here, I learn more new things. This small country that's been made famous because of cheese, flowers, and windmills, is also a top country for giving its people the best health care as possible.


  1. I thought Canada's hospitals were good but they don't look nearly as posh as the ones in your photos!


    1. Good morning, Gracey! Yes, it is truly amazing. Dutch people are very proud of so many things here in The Netherlands.