05 November 2016

'T Oeverbos, the Netherlands

't Oeverbos, a place with a splendid view.

Our family went here autumn last year. That day, it was too cold but sunny. We enjoyed our walk in the forest and I made beautiful photos of fall colors of all sorts. We had our lunch at the restaurant 't Oeverbos, a restaurant with a view. The place is secluded but it surprised me to see many customers having a meal, or just a drink.

Today, we went again to see the 't Oeverbos, expecting to enjoy our family day and to visit again spots that are truly remarkable to all nature lovers. Unfortunately, we just arrived and walked about 500 meters when it was starting to rain. Unlike last year, today the place appears deserted, my hand gets numb because it is very cold. I made only a few photos and we decided to get back to the car, go home, and I instantly long for a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee.
the secluded 't Oeverbos Restaurant 
lunch (autumn last year)

The 't Oeverbos is at Maassluisdijk. It takes only 5 minutes going there from our home by car. Along the way, I love to see the flat farmland, the windmills, and the walk in the forest going to the restaurant. The 't Oeverbos is in the vicinity of the Fair Trade municipality of Vlaardingen, where I live. The restaurant serves high tea, lunch, dinner, and also opens for special functions. They have a menu for those on a diet, and for vegetarian.

Please enjoy the few photos that I am sharing. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Wow, it is very nice, lovely place and lovely photos!
    Greetings, Flo from