29 November 2016

Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. Where I Live.

summer time at the Oude Haven
the beautiful springtime in our town.
To all my readers around the world, this blog is especially written to let you see the place where I am now calling "home". It was a long and difficult process of assimilation that until now continues. From the southeast, I moved to this side of the world. Today, the temperature drops to -2. My son is a bit sick today, that his teachers called me to pick him up early because he has a fever.
the heights of beautiful autumn colors.
I think, our city has one of the most beautiful autumn view in the world!
winter time 
the blue sky always amaze me. Bluer than blue :)

I want to share some photos that I made just around Vlaardingen, where I live. There are times that I made photos just by heart, and not by the head, especially when the subject is my favorite such as people I love, food I eat, or places that I see often. I hope you will like them. Photos I made from the four seasons.
I always caught a beautiful cloud formation at the Oude Haven.
this place is so close in our home. 
Old shops, restaurants and cafe around the town.


  1. Your town is beautiful in any season! Congrats!

  2. Breathtaking!!! Love your beautiful place in this world!!

    1. Hello, Cathey! Thank you for dropping by and for your appreciation. Yes, I always tell that I love this small town where I live now. It is beautiful here and peaceful. I am already four years living here but until now, I still feel as if I am still a tourist! Hahahaha!