01 December 2016

My Son's Short Story Of Decay

My son named it: mama's truck.
Nothing can compare the feeling of having a toddler at home. Your life, your home turns like a roller coaster... Many ups, but sometimes down. Not because you do not like the role, but what I meant to say is the stress and the challenge to control the situation.

 I gave my son a tanker truck, as my simple gift to him. My son is continuously receiving gifts from family and friends since he was still in my womb until now. We have now are boxes of many toys for him. I never bought even one toy for him. I think, he has already more than enough.

Almost a month now since I gave him a tanker truck that he loves so much. He brings it everyday to school and back home. He actually brings it anywhere we go, even in his sleep.
A very playful child.
Early this morning, he woke up already and went to our bedroom (me and his papa's room). He sleeps separate from us, alone in his room. I was still very sleep and feeling lazy to move and to get up. He went to my husband instead. When I get up, my husband is already in the sink and cleaning something. My husband is cleaning the tanker truck. He said it is very smelly!

I told my husband to just leave it and I will finish it after he left for work. Uh! It was not easy. What is deep down the tanker are the rotten skin of mandarin. Uh, I remember that when we were in the assembly two weeks ago, as I peel the mandarin, he put the skin inside the tanker. I did not bother to remove it or to clean it. Now it is rotten, stinky, the smell makes me dizzy!

I used tweezers to get rid all the, like picking small objects and plucking hair. Then I washed the inside of the tanker with hot water and soap. When I handed it back to my son, he is smiling. Another lesson I have learned today with regards in mommying. 

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