22 December 2016

A Pondering Thoughts Of A Trying To Become A Good Mother

Today in school.
I think it contributes to our well being and healthy living when at the end of the day, we sit a bit, try to recapture moments, write them if we can, and analyze how happenings within the day gave us a life meaning.
Today is the last day of my son in school for the year 2016. The next time I will bring my son to school is in February. Because we will have a month holiday in the Philippines in January. Also today, one of my son's teacher said farewell because she is now a pensioner, a beginning of her retirement years. The school gave a simple farewell party for her and all mothers were also there. I brought her flowers and I was touched when she gave me a Dutch kiss, a three kisses, as how Dutch people greet and kiss.
My plate of the cake.
We have coffee and tea, and the teachers served a delicious cake and some homemade cookies and bread. When I told my son's teacher that she will miss the children, she was teary eyed in answering me: yes. She said, it is nice to retire, but sad as well. The sweet Turkish girl was there and I did not see her mother. She sits in between the two mothers, she looks so small, fragile. When she saw me, she flashes me right away her smile. I wonder why she had that easy smile to me.
All mothers left, all children stayed with the teachers for another hour before we pick them up. I went to the supermarket, when I arrived home, I am glad that my husband arrived already from his three days working trip in Germany. He brought home a jar of some fruit jam from the hotel where he stayed, and he also brought me a cup with a heart shape handle. We pick up our preschooler together.
from my husband.
There is a kind of happiness that I feel right now, as I am writing this. I can talk freely now in school, both with the teachers and with the mothers. I love school since I was a kid. Now that I am a mother, I am glad that going to school is again, a part of my life almost every day. I appreciate it that the teachers give me the recognition as the mother of my son. I think all mothers will agree with me if I will say that it is one of the best feeling of being a mother, when people recognize you, not because you are pretty, or sexy, or powerful. It is because you are a great and an amazing mother to your children.

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