24 December 2016

Seven Important Life Lessons That I Learned As I Get Older

This sketch is by me, made this a while ago for this blog. 
"As we grow older, we become more honest and don't have the patience for pointless drama." I have read this quote from one of my Instagram friends. I am today writing this blog speaking as the first person, speaking about myself, the changes in me that you will find could be the same changes that might occure to you, gradually.

* As I grow older, I come to value more of my most precious time. Which is which. Time and opportunities just knock once, it is important which one you hold tight in your heart and which one you have to let go.

* As I grow older, I think I became a bit smarter in detecting lies, cheating, and fakery. As what Clint Eastwood says in the movie True Crime, "I have a nose for the truth." Smelling something fishy became easier as I grow older.

* As I grow older I became keener with the words "quality not quantity."
Be it on things, people, even on friendship. It is fine with me to have just one pair of  earrings as long as it is gold than many but are fake. In friendship, I look more for quality friends, not on quantity.

* As I grow older, I pay less attention to what people say, I became an observant. Silence becomes golden to me.

* As I grow older, I had learned not to take very seriously what other people say about me. I believe that the unhappiest people in the world are those who always care what other people think.

* As I grow older, the more I became unafraid to be alone... Or to lose people. As I get older, losing fake people in life is such a huge relief.

* Last but not the least, as I grow older, the more I appreciate elderly people. This is not only because of the famous line, "you will reap what you sow," but because elderly deserves it, it is a good and a strong moral, and I have an intense love in my heart.


  1. Conclusion is that, Time is a great Teacher of life because as we grow we meet many peoples of different ideas and idealogy and finally we make a statement about that meeting that what did we learn from it?
    To me =====> As we grow life becomes Harder and Harder..

    1. HI there! Thank you for your comment. Yes, time and hard experiences in life are a good teachers. As we grow, life seems becomes harder because we grow as a a fully matured human. Solid foods are for adults, milk is for infants 😊 Have a nice day.