26 December 2016

The Evening Of The 25th Of December At Waddinxveen With My Dutch Family

red flowers as my present for the evening.
They say that family is not meant for each other, but they will certainly get lost without each other. I love the word family, the significance of the word, and of course the joy it brings to us as human beings. I likewise love family pictures. When I view family pictures, it is nice to see how love can bring together people. I left my family in the Philippines, they all live there. But I am glad, because the family of my husband is now also my family. I have my Dutch family.
my main course.

Last night, our family had a special family dinner. One of my two sisters in law and her partner invited us for a family dinner at their house in Waddinxveen. We traveled with our car for about 30 minutes getting there. I asked my husband to stop at a gasoline station along the European Highway because I like to buy some flowers. So many bouquets with Christmas greetings but I grabbed the one that looks very simple. I am glad that my sister in law liked the flowers that I brought for them. Waddinxveen is a small town in South Holland near Gouda. This town is very quiet, you will see many watery areas that for me look somber yet beautiful.
The evening was cozy, a time for the family. When we arrived, the aroma in the kitchen welcomes us. We all enjoyed everything. We enjoyed the foods that were well-planned, well presented, and a restaurant quality. I have some photos that I would love to share again to all my readers all over the world.

Sprout. They taste bitter but I like them.

Baked chicken with herb, spices, and wine sauce.

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