09 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Day 1

After an almost 17 hour flight from Amsterdam to Taipei then to Manila, I am glad and thankful that we landed safe last night. My first day in the Philippines was busy. I woke up late after an almost one day of no sleep.


With my husband and son, we went at the Megamall for the renewal of my Philippine passport. I am allowed to have a dual citizenship, and I like it. While I was waiting for my cue at the Department Of Foreign Affairs, I saw some reminders posted in the wall that makes me grinning inside. Hahaha! For image capture it says: smile no teeth. While waiting, I started to practice how to smile without baring my teeth! Hahaha! Then another poster says: for image capture: no eyeglass, no heavy make-up, no fake eyelashes.

This evening, I am also glad to meet again my beloved friend, ma'am Aurea who lives just nearby at the place where we are staying. Since I miss eating Filipino food/dishes, ma'am Aurea cooked and brought me bangus (milkfish) sinigang sa miso. It was very delicious, we both enjoyed our dinner together.
From where we are staying, I recall many memories. It is nice to see places that are familiar to me. When we have coffee at the French Baker, the classic Kenny G. serenades us, just like my old good days. When we were at the Megamall, I saw some of my favorite shops/stores when I was still living here in the Philippines, like The Fabric Warehouse, Booksale, Papemelroti, and Netopia.

When we returned to our accommodation, we took the MRT. It was my son's first ride at the MRT. It was a busy first day. We will go to bed and sleep now. Tomorrow, my family will pick us up and we will head to the coast. Where we will spend some few weeks with my family. I love to share some photos I made in Manila through my iPhone. I hope you will enjoy viewing them. Goodnight.

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