20 December 2016

A December's Mother's Day With The Preschoolers

As much as possible, I like to remain with my blog theme. To share my life as a Dutchy wife my day to day endeavor that I found inspiring. On internet where stories and social networking compose most of the time of satiric notes, ridicule, and sarcasm, I made my stand to remain in my peaceful self, even in my blog.

Among my topics, I always love to write about my life as a mother, I love motherhood. Yesterday, I attended a special gathering with other mothers at my son's school. It was nice to meet other mothers and we made art works together with our children. After that, the teachers served cookies, chocolates, coffee, and tea.
When the teachers gave us the art materials, my mind was so fast to think what I am going to create... A big smile on a paper plate. My son and I made it together, even he put a lot of glue in the paper plate  hahahah and want to pour a one container of glitters on it hahaha! I am glad that my son loves school. Every day, to go to school is something he always looks forward to.
The Turkish girl that sits next to me was so sweet. She likes to work with me than with her mother. She was grinning when I gave her art materials to her mother. She even likes it when I made a selfie with her and was all smiling when I showed to her our photo in my phone.  It was a fun filled one hour in school.
In the afternoon, while my son was sleeping, I watched the movie Mother's Day on HBO. A matching conclusion after a beautiful morning in school.

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