16 December 2016

It is super delicious! The Hungarian Beef Goulash

You represent yourself in what you present in your plate. -Maggy
I have read about Goulash at Awake magazine many years ago. I was in the supermarket here now in the Netherlands when I saw a box of goulash mix. I read the ingredients and the procedure and since then I already cooked goulash for my family a number of times.
Goulash can be a soup or a stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and spices. Thanks to this goulash mix that I found in the supermarket, it makes my goulash cooking easy. The origin of goulash is Hungary, a medieval land. Goulash is also popular in mostly all parts of Europe and Scandinavian region.
Since it is already weekend, it is nice to cook something healthy and homey for our family. I would like to share with you my goulash recipe. You will find it very easy and healthy.

red and yellow paprika 

beef stew with onion in the making

a sight of a healthy and colorful appetite :)

500 grams beef
2 stalks prei
1 pc paprika
1 pc medium onion
250 ml water and a 500 ml (you will use them separately
Goulash mix ( they are available in many leading supermarket)

Heat the pot or a pan with oil.
Sauteed the onion, then add the beef. Cooked until the beef meat turned brown. Add the prei, paprika, and the 250 ml water. Cover the pot and let it boil. Once boiling, turn the stove to low heat and simmer for one hour.
After one hour, add the goulash mix and 500 ml water. Mix well and let it cook for another 15 minutes. Goulash is good with rice.

I hope you will like goulash as much as I do! Have a nice weekend!

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