14 December 2016

Live at the beautiful Oude Haven

I have posted quiet many photos of this spot. Still, one of my favorite places to go. This morning, I went there with my son, the winter sunshine glows. My first time to have a selfie video, I am glad it is quite good. I posted this video on my Instagram account, and one of my friends commented that it looks good here. Yes, it looks good and so relaxing. My three years old son exclaimed: mama, veel doot! He means "many boats"! In the harbor, there is also an open air boat museum, where old boat and ships were displayed right in the harbor. I never get tired of this place. I can sit here just to watch the boats or the pigeons, or the seagulls. Most of the time, in this place, the feeling of being so far away from my Philippine home and how my life has changed knocking my door.

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