13 December 2016

A bit bitter-sweet anniversary...

A day before our anniversary, my husband gave me a beautifully wrapped tiny box with his gift for me.
Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary. The four years of my life as a housewife, the years of learning, growing, and loving. I don't celebrate my birthday, but I celebrate my wedding anniversary. In the Netherlands, a wedding anniversary is not as important as a birthday. On our wedding anniversary, me and my husband usually go out and have dinner in a restaurant. Last night, we made it very simple. We just ordered a dinner to be delivered at home. Grilled ribs with pasta, bread, and salad. The serving was so enormous that we have some left over.

A quiet day yesterday, except for many anniversary greetings from my acquaintances on Facebook, mostly are my friends in the Philippines. We eat our anniversary dinner, my husband and I alternately made photos with our son. When I was already in bed to sleep, I feel there are tears in my eyes. I am glad and thankful for my family life, but it saddened me that I am very far from my family. The day ended that I don't hear or receive any greetings from my parents and from my siblings. I would like to thank all my social network friends for giving me their présence on my special day.

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