08 December 2016

Thoughts of a flower lover in the Netherlands

Holland and tulips are connected, actually they are inseparable. Holland or the Netherlands is a small country that export many kinds of flowers around the world. If you may visit the Netherlands, you will find it very interesting to see beautiful flowers anywhere. Flowers are not only for commercial, but a part of everyday's life of almost all Dutch people.

And for me as well. I always have fresh flowers in my vase. When I am going out, I love making flower photos that I excitedly share with all my readers all over the world. The Netherlands has Keukenhof that plants more or less 7 million bulbs of tulips that makes it one of the country's tourist attractions. There is also the Floating Flower Market in Amsterdam. This one is what I am planning to visit maybe in the summer.
The merchandise is displayed at the floating barge, that creates this place colorful, and very European. Just to think about it, I can imagine at present, how many beautiful photos I can make by visiting there.

For now, I would love to share some beautiful flower photos that I made today while my son was in school. I took an hour to have a good walk at the old harbor, made photos there, and along the way, I relished my moments with these flowers. I hope you will like them.

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