22 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: The Tikoy Of the Chinese New Year In The Philippines

Frying the tikoy.
In the Philippines, in the last week of January, the Chinese community celebrates the Chinese New Year. During this time, there is a particular food that is traditionally a part of this annual celebration. We call it "tikoy", the alternative names are, year cake, Chinese New Year's cake, ti kuih, and niangao. Tikoy is a food made from glutinous rice and consumed in Chinese cuisine. But we, Filipinos also love tikoy.

The slices of tikoy being dip in the egg.

Finished product :)
Today, at my big sister's home, I cooked and we all eat tikoy. My sister bought a box of tikoy in the supermarket. When we arrived from our congregational meeting this morning, me and my nephew started to cook the tikoy. From the box, we slice it into a small portions, then dip it in an egg, then frying it. I offered some too to my husband and he also likes the taste.
During Chinese New Year in the Philippines, most of the Chinese merchants give a box of tikoy to their workers as a gift. The Chinese are well known in believing in good fortune, and for them, eating tikoy brings luck for the entire year. I don't believe in luck, but I love tikoy. Tikoy can be eaten the whole year round, not only on Chinese New Year. It is available in almost all supermarkets in the Philippines. Maybe next time that you will go to the supermarket, you will remember this blog and bring a box of tikoy home.

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