25 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Today In The Metro

Metro Manila, the city with favorable and unfavorable remarks.
This morning at the flashy Megamall Department Store
Street foods being sold under the MRT Station in Ortigas

A sidewalk vendor in front of the Philippine General Hospital 

Yesterday, my son was so engrossed to watch the bumper to bumper traffic.

At the old Dimasalang Avenue

We are now back in Manila. Today, I went out alone to pick up my new Philippine passport. After we eat breakfast, I headed to the Department of Foreign Affairs- NCR East Office, in Megamall. From the hotel in Malate where we are staying, I took two rides at the Metro Rail Transit to get there.
I have lived in the Netherlands for four years now, I never expected that for such a little time, there are many changes in Metro Manila. Twice that I asked a policeman because I got lost! There are many high rise residence buildings, the new Metro Rail Transit route, and many commuters are busy with their big cell phone. I would say that the Philippines continue progressing. Because the value of Philippine Peso is doing good, my husband remarks that the Philippines gets expensive.
But in a short time that I roamed around the Metro, it is however easy to distinguish the barrier towards real progressive life, the people who scattered everywhere that look like they are drowning in poverty. I have some photos that I love to share again. It was like a nostalgia to see places that for me is... As familiar as of my breathing, of my heartbeat.


  1. I'm sorry to interrupt...
    I have to say that your pics are really beautiful~~~
    The only defect is that your words are really small...
    Can you please change them into a bigger size?
    Thank you & sorry again...

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. Sorry too for that. I will change to a bigger font so words will be easier to read. Thank you for the feedback. I am using only my IPad to post my blog. I will do it as soon as I can open my blog in a desktop.

    2. Oh You can change the size of the words by changing their style actually XD

    3. Thank you. I prefer this style because it look formal 😊 Will try your suggestion soon.

  2. Thank you Maggy love reading about your adventure in Manila.