27 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Now In White Beach, Puerto Galera

the boat that took us to White Beach from Batangas Pier

Lunch with my son at the busy beach area
me with my son at the boat
breakfast at the beach
passing by the Coco Beach 
approaching Sabang Beach
the Sikat Bus
After one day and two nights stay in Manila, we arrived on the island of Oriental Mindoro yesterday afternoon. From Manila, we took the Sikat Bus, the bus that brings  tourists twice every day to Batangas Pier. From Batangas Pier, another one hour ride in the boat getting to the island. Because of the past super typhoon that hit Luzon, our bus trip took three hours. There are still road and bridge damages that make the motorists to turn to alternate longer route.

Before, we always stay in Sabang. This time we are staying at White Beach. The boat first stop was in Sabang, discharge the passengers there, then to Puerto Galera, finally in White Beach. A staff from the resort where we are staying was there to meet us and to give us a lift going to the hotel. It was a tiring day. In the evening, we have dinner at the nearby local restaurant. One of my husband's friends who is also a Dutchman with his wife and daughter were also there to join us. After our dinner, we returned to the hotel where there is a special program that being held by the officials, officers, and staff of the Department of Education. A night of Philippine music, songs, and dances.

This morning, we have our breakfast at the beach. The sand sparklingly white in the sun. The waves are huge, good for a windsurfing. Only, I observed that the White Beach is now very commercialized. While awaiting for your food and even while eating your meal, there are approximately ten vendors who will approach you to sell something, earnings, bracelet, tour guides, boat rides, to braid your hair, even an offer to have a tattoo.

I just understand that they are doing it for a living. Anyway, it is my nature to always see the good in a situation. So I am here again to share some beautiful photos I made here in Puerto Galera... It's only just begu

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