28 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Extreme Sports Philippines, One Stop Fun

So, the word extreme in a noun form is the furthest or highest degree of something. While in an adjective form it means: of the greatest possible degree or extent or intensity. When you read Extreme Sports Philippines, you might think, how extreme? How intense?
Yesterday, my husband spent a day with the owner of the Extreme Sports Philippines, they are a good friends even now that the buddy became a daddy. I told my husband to take charge in taking care of our son and he can go. Today, we all went to see the fun in Extreme Sports Philippines.

It is an adventure park. As what I gathered from the website of Extreme Sports Philippines, it is a place, a one stop for all adrenaline junkies. When we arrived this morning, there were already many players (guests). I think they are Koreans and also some are Filipinos. Extreme Sports offer paintball, mud karts, go-karts, atvs, zombieland, and more. Extreme Sports is secluded, an area surrounded by towering coconut trees, and muddy. Mud is needed for the fun. I saw how the players ended their games happy and giggling that they are covered with mud and dirt. I think I am vain. I have been there for quite a few times, but until now, I have not given a try to any of the karts.

Extreme Sports Philippines is located at Sto. Nino, Puerto Galera, opposite the Shell Petrol Station. You can visit their website at www.extremesports.philippines.com for inquiries. Maybe you have the guts for this kind of fun and adventure. 

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