30 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: A Disappointing Return To Sabang Beach

Overlooking the floating bar

This alley is full both of tourists and girls at night.
Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera. My husband rented an ATV for us with our son to visit Sabang today. I am writing this and I am thinking for a nice or a good introduction to this blog. You know it, when you are full of disappointments, it is like you are lost for words. I remember the first day that I saw Sabang, I fell in love right away to this place. In fact, I hold dear those precious memories of this place in my heart, a part of the early years of marriage life. Two of our friends who are also here for a vacation told us that Sabang is not a good place anymore to stay. It is now filthy, populated, and a Danish friend told us that Sabang is now a disgusting place because of the rampant prostitution, in private or in public.

We parked the ATV at the back of the small town market. We walked going to the alley that leads to some of our 'once our favorite hangouts.' The discos and bars are still close, we passed them by to go to our favorite coffee shop, the Rocks Cafe, just across the Hammerhead Disco. The cafe is now closed. We walked further, but the foul-smelling alley smeared totally my hopes to enjoy our visit, I saw it myself that Sabang is now disgustingly dirty, I did not even finish sipping my mango shake, I told my husband that I like to go home. At the parking, I vomit.

 I am glad we decided to stay in White Beach. Our son is enjoying everything here, especially the clean swimming pool. Sabang is still a recommended place for a great diving experience, but aside from that, Sabang has nothing to offer... Except bars, nightlife, and according to what I read from a Trip Advisor's contributor, a place for a cheap prostitution. It saddened me because I, myself too is a Filipina, by heart and by blood.

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