31 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: One Fine Day In White Beach

Since the day that we arrived in Puerto Galera, it is only today that we enjoy the sunshine and enjoyed swimming in the beach. It was always cloudy, raining, and windy. We are glad that in the hotel where we are staying, we have a clean swimming pool by our doorstep, where we can swim regardless of the weather. We took the chance to go to the beach early, have our breakfast there, and swim the entire morning. Even there are many people who are coming to visit White Beach or for a holiday, and even there is a small port where bancas (boats) transport passengers, White Beach preserve its clean water. Me with my family, enjoyed our time there. There are also some water sports that you can enjoy at White Beach, like a ride at the banana boat, dragon boat, fly fish, jet ski, and a parachute. I love watching my son enjoying in the sea. He swim like a real swimmer now using an arm band. He don't mind the big waves, when he goes further and further, my husband has no choice but to change to his swimming trunk and swim with our son. This is not yet a peak season at White Beach. I hope tomorrow it is sunny again, I love to go back swimming at the beach. For now, I am satisfied with my sunburn. Me, my husband, as well as our son are now all sun-kissed.

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