21 February 2017

A Beautiful Sunday In Swifterbant, Netherlands

Last Sunday, I have the privilege to attend again our twice a year Circuit Assembly in Swifterbant. I went there with my son by bus with other brothers and sisters from our congregation and our sister congregation. I am glad that we are back home on time from our holiday, I have not missed this special day. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I am not hiding it to anyone even to my blog readers, I feel honored to be one. I am thankful that I have a firm grip to my faith that gives me a secure future that does not come from the comfort of what money can give. It is something intangible, something rooted in my heart, that prompt me to serve my God Jehovah, even I do not see Him, even many people do not believe about Him. I have some photos to share. I'm grateful for everything I have now in my life.

The beautiful sunset outside our Assembly Hall.

I always bring my son with me on spiritual gathering like this because I do not want to deprive him the best things in life.

at the lobby

inside our Assembly Hall

my son's buggy at the bus.

A beautiful face captures the eyes, a beautiful heart captures a heart :)

Friendship has no boundaries, not the color, not the age.

with my son at the parking.


  1. Het Is fijn voor je dat je gelooft in Jehova Maggy
    Groetjes van Peter uit Rotterdam.

  2. Good morning and thank you, Peter. It is the best way of life.