17 February 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: The Most Delicious Pancakes Of My Life

I am not that fan of pancakes. I eat pancake when my husband making it. I also like my sister's pancake, just a simple and basic pancake. When me and my husband went to visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, we ate lunch at the famous Pancake Bakery. They have so many kinds of pancakes. This past holiday in the Philippines, I have had the best pancakes of my life. It is just where we were staying, at Appartelle de Francesca in Puerto Galera. The hotel also serve meals, from breakfast to dinner. Our first taste of their pancake was an experience! Hahaha! The taste stick on our mouth, that me and my husband said: we like more! Before we left, I asked one of their staff if they can share with me the secret of their delicious pancake. The staff said, it is only Maya Pancake. Uh, yes, I know Maya Pancake, but I never tried it before. On the day of our flight, I went to the supermarket and bought boxes of Maya Pancakes that I took back to the Netherlands. Just a tip: when you make your pancake, instead of water, use fresh milk.

the plain pancake, it is very delicous, the sauce is like something with coconut syrup.

The chocolate pancake, I am not sure if the sauce is Hershey's. Because its taste is really different from the other pancakes that I ever tried.

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