16 February 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: At Citystate Tower Hotel

When we are in Manila, we have two staying options, depends on room availability. Our first option is in Lotus Garden Hotel, the second is the City State Tower. Both are located in Mabini, places knows as the tourist belt in Manila. On our recent holiday, we stayed at City State Tower. We stayed there for a total of seven days. The hotel is good. The mini bar in the room is off, empty. They have nice rooms, but their towels, bed sheets, and linens are already very old. So far, I still enjoyed our stay there. The management, staff, and crew are friendly, polite, and accommodating. I as well enjoy their free buffet breakfast for all registered guests, an eat all you can buffet breakfast. Every morning, I am always looking forward their Filipino breakfast. On the ground floor, there is a bar-restaurant owned by a very famous Filipino folk singer, Freddie Aguilar. There are performers every night. I brought home some photos to share with my blog readers. 

our room key card

free buffet breakfast 
the grand stair at the lobby

grand ceiling
our favorite on their menu: mango smoothie

a common Filipino breakfast: pandesal
the jam rack with a heart :)
my empty plate, that fish is called "tinapa"

this is free for all registered guests
time to go home again.


  1. Nice pictures from your holiday to your home country.
    Greetings from peter.k your friend.