14 February 2017

Appartelle De Francesca in Puerto Galera, The Hotel With A Footstep Swimming Pool

I was up at the third floor to make this aerial photo.

good times with my son.

this is the view in our doorstep.

Our cabin is just next to the swimming pool.

The Appartelle De Francesca

This past Philippine vacation, it was the first time that we stayed at White Beach, Puerto Galera. Before, we always stayed at Sabang Beach. A friend told my husband that White Beach is more family-friendlier than Sabang. My husband booked us ahead in Appartelle De Francesca. Our plan was just for three to four days, then we will move to Sabang. But we changed our minds. We stayed in Appartelle De Francesca for one week until we left Puerto Galera.
As I am writing this blog, I feel the sense of warmth in my heart as I remember our days in Appartelle De Francesca. The hotel is very clean, with a beautiful garden, flowers are there to make you feel home and so relax. During our stay there, I made many beautiful flower photos. The hotel has this unique shape swimming pool, foot-shape/footstep swimming pool with jacuzzi and fountains. It was a grand view in our cabin doorstep, the swimming pool. The management and staff are all accommodating. They always see to it that we are taken care of well. They are always ready to give assistance to us. When I told the owner to give us a fair discount and I love to write on my blog their hotel, my request was granted.
The Appartelle De Francesca has many rooms, I think more than 40 rooms available to guests. They also have conference halls. It was a real busy day at Appartelle De Francesca when we arrived because the Department Of Education held their two day event there. The hotel is about five minutes walk to the beach. A good place if you want a rest and peace, a distance from a noisy world of nightlife along the beach.
On our last night, I went up to the third floor, made photography of the footstep swimming pool. In the morning that we left, the owner gave us a free breakfast of their very delicious pancakes. The best pancakes in my entire lifetime! Please stay tuned because I will write separately on my blog about that pancake experience. I am looking forward to the day that me with my family will be back at the beautiful Appartelle De Francesca.

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