06 February 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Five Reasons Why I Love To Watch Sunset, Baywalk Manila

Today is our last day in the Philippines. Tomorrow is our schedule to fly back to our Dutch home.
Me with my family took our time to see one more time the beautiful sunset in Baywalk, along Roxas Boulevard. As I am looking the photos that I made there, my mind also composing some words, my reasons why I love to watch sunset. I am sharing with you again my photos as well as the piece of my  heart. My fondness with sunset. 

Just on time to catch this golden hour.
Sunset in Baywalk
Calesa in Baywalk
Roxas Boulevard where Baywalk is, before sunset.
1. By witnessing the beauty and awe of sunset, we feel we are empowered and regain control of the clock. In this busy world where most people feel there are not enough hours in a day, watching sunset calm us down and will help us that we have to control our time.
2. It feels good to be outside, even just for half an hour to enjoy the dose of fresh air, of nature, and the golden hour.
3. Watching sunset is proven a stress reduction. Period.
4. You feel the difference of watching actual sunset than just watching it on the tv screen or in your phone. We are giving our brain a chance to rejuvenate and to recover.
5. It is inspiring. There is something with sunset that is healing, powerful, and positive. Most of all, sunset helps us to appreciate the gift of life, especially our Creator.

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