08 February 2017

On Board At KLM Flight 808, A Retirement Flight For Petra

A special flight with Petra
So it feels good to be back home. It is nice to write again from home. I still have some beautiful stories about my recent holiday in the Philippines with my family that I want to share in my blog, but right now, I love to share an experience we had last night on our flight with the Royal Dutch Airline, KLM. From Manila, it was an almost two hour flight to Taipei. In Taipei, we stayed for another almost two hours. Then we back on the same plane, and we traveled 12 long hours to Amsterdam.

a note for Petra
the KLM Asia Jet


the souvenir pin from Petra
We were sitting on priority passengers area, waiting for the boarding time. The KLM cabin crews were passing, and I noticed right away the flight attendant who was wearing a white sash, it looks like she is going to a pageant. One of the cabin crew approached us and told us that it was a special flight and we are having fun because it is the retirement flight of one of their colleagues. She gave us souvenir pin, even all of us were exhausted and sleepy because it was already midnight, the pin set light our mood.
During the flight, another cabin crew came to me and asked me if I can write a message to Petra. I smiled and answered yes. I wrote and made some photos through my iPhone. I likewise wrote that I love to share that experience on my blog. During landing, a cabin crew and also Petra announced a thank you message to all in the cabin. All the passengers and the cabin crew gave a big applause to Petra. It was a joyous moment for almost everyone on the airplane. All of us were grateful that we have a safe flight. Although before we landed, I was crying because of the movie Me Before You that was available on KLM movies on board.

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