09 February 2017

Taking To The Netherlands My Braided Hair From Puerto Galera

When we went and stayed in Puerto Galera, there was a woman who approached us, she offered to braid my hair. There are many women on the beaches in Puerto Galera who offered to braid your hair, or for a massage. The price of braiding depends on the braid style. The style that I like cost 800 pesos, but since I was the first customer, the woman lowered it to 600 pesos.
We went back to the Netherlands, still with my braid. I keep my braid for two weeks long. I told my husband that I like the waves to become permanent. I planned to go to the hairdresser,  but the cost is for me is expensive. I just bought the formula for permanent curls. My husband applied to my hair the formula. I thought it was that easy. But no! It took me about two hours to disentangle those 28 small braids! But it was worth it! I have now a new hairstyle: the hair like that of Monalisa :)

After (with my husband)

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