01 March 2017

10 Things That Filling My Mind When I Am Having My Coffee

I bet many of you are coffee lovers too. When you are having your cup of coffee, home or not at home, what are the things that are filling your mind? It is like a setting in a movie, you have a cup of coffee, you sit in your favorite chair, at the favorite corner of your home, with a book... Or just staring at the horizon. I drink coffee twice to thrice a day: in the morning, then another one, I called it: my afternoon delight, then the final cup is in the evening: I called it: my prime-time coffee, my husband makes a cup of coffee for me, while we are watching a movie together before we sleep, when our son is already in bed. Most of us goes to an engaging, an engaging thought while having our coffee. Let me share with you this time ten things that are filling my mind when I am having my coffee leisurely.

1. How grateful I am for everything I have now, for everything I am now.
2. The relief of releasing some people in my life, and the comfort of discovering the real ones.
3. My roots. I am half of the world from my family in the Philippines, but my love for them remains the same... Even stronger and warmer.
4. How love and life been so good between me and my husband. In this world where true love seems elusive, we both happy that we have found each other.
5. The joy that motherhood brings to me. The word "motherhood" says it all, I do not need to elaborate more.
6. What to write next? What to photograph today? Why I am an expressive person? Hahahaha!
7. My relationship with my God. It is not a passive one. It is a strong attachment that I feel with my God because for many times, I have seen it how my prayers were answered.
8. Places that I wish to visit.
9. Vacation memories.
10. Last but not the least: Uh, how much I love coffee!

How about you?

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