04 March 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: A Great Hamburger Experience At St. Marc Cafe

It was lunchtime. Me and my family were at Robinson's Malate. We were finding a restaurant to eat. If you were in Malate, you can see many fast foods, cafés, and restaurants. My husband suggested to me that we try the St. Marc Café. We checked their menu and we ordered their thick hamburger... I can't almost believe it that I eat the whole hamburger with its thick filling. Instead of coffee, I have their ice-tea that I also love so much with its bittersweet taste. Before we left, I made some photos. Right there, I was already thinking that I will write on my blog this great burger experience. Because when I like something, I never hold back myself not to enjoin it, or not to share it.

Me with my son in front of St. Marc Cafe-Robinson's Malate

With a Japanese origin.

I regret it that I did not make a photo of my burger before we eat :)

What we have is the Menchi Katsu Burger. Highly recommended!

Below is the history of St. Marc that I found on internet. 

Saintmarc South East Asia Pte Ltd (SSEA) is a subsidiary of Saintmarc Holdings Company composed of nine brands in Japan.
Japan Head Quarters tested the waters of Southeast Asia for their St. Marc Café brand and started the pilot store in Singapore in December 2012.
With the café’s promise to provide friendly service, a vibrant atmosphere and yummy food always, St. Marc Café won the hearts of our customers.
Over the years, Saintmarc South East Asia Pte Ltd has established itself in the region. Here are our outlets as of July 2016:
Today, Saintmarc Holdings has over 900 outlets across all brands globally. With St. Marc Café making up the biggest share of the pie (at over 350 outlets), we believe it speaks for itself.

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