05 March 2017

My Mexican Enchiladas

My apology: the photo is not as good as how it was tasted.

I saw this Mexican Enchiladas recipe at Hoogvliet monthly magazine. Hoogvliet is the supermarket where I regularly buy our household consumption. Knorr has some new cooking mix that are available now in the supermarket, the Knorr Wereld Gerecht. This week, it is buy two, take two. And I am glad of the outcome of my first try. I will share with you how I made together with my husband that enchilada in the picture.

Knorr Mexican Enchiladas (complete packets in a box)
350 grams chicken fillet
2 medium size tomatoes
1 piece paprika
1 medium size onion
1 tbsp olive oil or even just the ordinary cooking oil
50 grams grated cheese
50 ml water and another 40 ml

heat the pan, sauteed the chicken and the onion until chicken gets brown and cooked.
Àdd the spice mix that is inside the Knorr Box and the water, mix well.
Add the tomatoes and paprika and mix again. Let it boil and cook until the sauce gets thick and sticky.
There are wraps included in Knorr box. Spread them, place the cooked enchilada, then roll or wrap.
There is another packet in the Knorr box, the sauce mix. Pour the mix in à small ball and add about 40 ml water and mix well.
Put the enchilada that are wraps in an oven board. Pour the sauce at the top with the grated cheese. Put in the oven for 15 minutes in 200 degrees heat.
There is one more packet in Knorr box, the dressing. We like our enchiladas with no dressing.

My husband loves it and my son loves it with rice :)

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