07 March 2017

The Day That I Became Dutch

With our honorable city mayor.
It was à cold, rainy day. But I woke up and started the day with full of excitement. It was one of those special and significant days that come only once in our lifetime. The waiting is over. Finally, I was declared à Dutch national, not by born but by naturalization.
There was a Dutch exams first in the Philippines before I moved in the Netherlands as an immigrant. When I arrived in the Netherlands, I went to Dutch schooling as à preparation for the naturalization exams. It was à five part exams.
 1. Knowldege in Dutch Culture
 2. Dutch Writing
 3. Dutch Listening
 4. Dutch Reading
 5. Dutch Speaking.

our Dutch family

Wok Wilhelmina

If you like your food steaming and hot.

the second of my four plates :)

my third plate.

My last plate. I love dessert!
I took the 5 exams one time and passed the four parts right away. But because I have à hearing problem, it was only on my third try that I passed the one part, the Dutch speaking test. After I passed that part, we started right away the process for naturalization. The process was eight months long. The naturalization fee cost àlmost 900 euro's. This country that considered as an expensive country, everything cost money, àlmost everything cost big money.

For the celebrant, a flower lover :)

Because my sister in law had faith that I can cook Dutch dishes too :)

Because I love working in our kitchen :)

cash gift from my mother in law.

true Dutch.
Our honorable city mayor was there and conduct the ceremony. The ambiance was solemn, the place is at the wedding hall in the city hall, an ancient building with many antiques everywhere. Vlaardingen is àn old city with rich history. My husband ànd my son were there also. My husband made some photos. After the ceremony, we have à family dinner at my favorite Wok Restaurant, the Wilhelmina. To my surprise, my Dutch family were entirely there and waiting for us. It was à joyous night with them. I received bouquets of flowers, gifts, but most of all, I am grateful to my Dutch family for their love and support. To my husband, I am forever grateful to him for giving me à happy Dutch life. Please celebrate with me through my photos. 

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