13 April 2017

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I always appreciate a treat, be it kind or deed.

The best things in life are free! Have you ever heard about that? Do you also believe it so? Can you list or name at least ten things in your life that you conceive the best but are truly free? As I am writing this, my heart is in a deep gratitude for those people who are sticking with me. Those people who never giving up on me. Particularly those people here, where I am living now, the place where sometimes, I feel not just new (yes, still new, a newcomer) but somehow... lost.
Yesterday, my in-laws invited me and Burt (my son) to have lunch with them. I am truly thankful to them for the time and for paying my lunch. You might agree with me, that in this life, although we can also afford to dine out, pay our own meal, but the loving gesture that someone out there thinking of us and want to spend their most precious time with us... Is priceless. I appreciate that, I appreciate them.

I want to share with you my 15 best things in life that are free.
1. Family and parenthood
2. Love and faith. I love them together.
3. Our freewill. God gave us free will, if we let other people decide for us, especially on big and important things in life, we are losing this special gift.
4. People who never give up on me.
5. Watching sun set.
6. Hope. I feel secured because of hope.
7. Flowers, nature, good people.
8. The delicious aroma of a homemade food.
9. Quiet time.
10. Good sleep at night.
11. Second chances.
12. Smiles and laughs.
13. Touching lives without realizing it.
14. Hugs.
15. Last but not the least: mornings.

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