07 April 2017

Do You Eat Tofu?

cooking tofu 

Do you eat tofu? Do you like it? The tofu had a thousand years ago of origin. Wikipedia said that the first tofu-making was first recorded during the Chinese Han dynasty some 2,000 years ago. So Tufo originated in China, and I think most Asian love tofu. In the Philippines, we called it tokwa. It is not just a common ingredient in Filipino dishes, but also a common street food. In the busy streets in Manila, there are food carts and food stalls that sell tokwa't baboy. It is a crispy fried tokwa and pork belly. It is delicious with the dip of a bit spicy vinegar with crushed garlic. In the Netherlands, I also cook tofu. It is a healthy part of my cooking. A pack of tofu in the supermarket is 1.75 euros. I cook tofu with garlic, onion, and tomatoes. Sometimes, I mix tofu with mushrooms, sometimes, with taugé. For my seasoning, I use fish sauce. Why not try tofu on your next cooking? Tofu has a low calorie count and relatively large amounts of protein. The alternative name of tofu is bean curd. Indeed, a healthy food.

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