03 April 2017

Homemade Spaghetti Meatballs


When you say meatballs, probably you will think those meatballs being served in the restaurants. I love the meatballs in Sbarro, an Italian Restaurant in the Philippines that me and my family are a regular customer when we are having a holiday. Shakey's and Pizza Hut are also serving meatballs on their spaghetti. Shakey's has this "monster spaghetti meatballs."
At home, I have learned how to make our own spaghetti meatballs. Before, it was my husband who was doing it. But because I take my cooking seriously, I learned to do it myself. My son loves spaghetti and I love making spaghetti meatballs for my family.
I make just a simple meatballs, I love simple cooking, the simpler the dish, the more it tastes homemade, hearty. I use ground beef, I use my hands in mashing the meat together with the other ingredients. Yes, to make a good formed meatballs, using your hands is needed.
In 500 grams ground beef, mix it with one egg, a bit flour, black pepper, and some people add some herbs like coriander and parsley. You can use salt taste, but you can also use other available seasoning. I have learned that kitchen life is a kind of discovering and experimenting. I am glad that I come to love cooking now, it contributes a lot to the happy atmosphere of our home.

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