01 April 2017

Seven Signs Of Being A Matured Person

"You're so immature, you're so irrational!" Most of us heard that in a movie or in a real life drama. I come to think, what are the marks of maturity? Aside from thinking about this for myself, I also read some information about this topic, and from those fragments I matched them with my own feelings that resulted for me to list seven signs of maturity. Here they are.

1. Maintaining a long term commitment. Gratification comes in a blink of an eye, can last for only a moment. A mature person has the power and strength to delay gratification and to say a firm no to a temptation.
2. I'm fine, be it with flattery or criticism, I am starting to feel stable, unshaken. A mature person is unshaken, firm, stable.
3. Notifying the spirit of humility. I come to the terms that I do not know everything. It says, humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.
4. Decision making mostly based on character, not on feeling. Although emotion is important, to be governed by a character is far more important and brings lifelong benefits.
5. Becomes more thankful, have the heart filled with gratitude. Immature people think and feel that they deserve everything good in life. Mature people appreciate both big things and little things in life; and learn both from the good and the bad that comes along in our life.
6. Listening more and talking less. Immature people are self centered. Talking less and have an ear to listen is a sign not only of maturity but  also of unselfishness.
7. Being calm, have the feeling of peace of mind. Not desperate or frantic, or irritational. Most of all, a mature person does not cling to material things. A mature person knows that a blessing is not about on things tangible, but more on intangible things in life.

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