31 May 2017

Joining Vlaardingen door de lens van... A Photo Contest

The lake in the neighborhood

A walk to Westkijk

I am a Filipina married to a Dutchman and we live in the city named Vlaardingen. Vlaardingen is a very old city in the province of South Holland. In the recent survey, Vlaardingen has 71,338 residents. Vlaardingen is a very old city but with many interesting spots to offer. I have lived here for four years now, and both the beautiful spots and the beautiful flowers that I see around our city are a regular subject of my photography. Today, I received a surprising email. I joined the photography contest: "Vlaardingen door de lens van." The email states that one of the three photos that I submitted has won and will be included among the 40 photos in the Photo Exhibit at Kade 40 on June 23 till July 7! Which of my photos remains a surprise because they didn't name which one. For now, I want to share some of my favorite photos that I made in our beautiful city, Vlaardingen. 


Wintertime at Oude Haven

The century old Visbank



  1. Yes your pictures are very nice.
    And Vlaardingen is a nice city.
    And I like to make walkings.
    In Vlaardingen.
    Greetings from Oom Peter.😀 🙋

  2. Thank you, Oom Peter! Please feel free to come on the opening of the photo exhibit at Kade 40!

  3. Nice! So like the M.Jackson song "Il be there"

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Vickylyn! Thank you so much for your appreciation! Please don't miss my latest blog 😊