01 June 2017

Mamas Just Wanna Have Fun!

Everyday, I go to school to bring and to fetch my preschooler. And from there, I have met a wonderful woman, a fulltime mother like me. We became friends. She happily accepted the Bible-based magazine that I am sharing and giving her. I feel the enjoyment of her company. She lives just a few blocks away from our home and I always appreciate it that whenever she is passing by with her two daughters, she taps our window. I feel she is really a neighbour. What I like with her too is that she is befriending me without hesitation, without expectation. And so I am to her. We love making selfies. We love to just walk and talk. We talk almost about everything. The feelings I feel for her inspire me to write this blog about her... About us. What we have done today together. While our kids were in school, we went in the nearby surplus shop. We bought few second hand items. I fell in love to a summer blouse that I saw in the store that I grabbed it right away and pay. On our way back to school, we made photos with the wildflowers. I changed my blouse at the back of the tall grass, right there in the highway! We have such a fun together. It feels so good to feel that I am on myself again, that I am free to be me with her. I cooked monggo (mong bean) for dinner, I called her and told her that she can come in our house so she can taste it. In the end, I gave her a portion in a lunch box and she brought it to her Dutch husband. A moment ago, she sent me in Whatsap the photo of her husband enjoying eating the monggo that I gave. I am about to go to bed now with my husband, but then, I opened my laptop, started to type words, words that are really coming from my heart... I tell you, even fulltime moms just wanna have fun... A whole some fun! Please enjoy our photos :)

Me and my friend, Anama.

my friend's Dutch husband, eating monggo

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